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New client Morgan Birgé. Less talk. More communication.

New client Morgan Birgé had just finished a branding update that included a new website before they called us (I know...) to help them develop some marketing materials. Foremost, right after the stationery and business cards were printed, was the project to develop an email marketing campaign initiative.

Morgan Birgé is a customer service focused telecom and IT maintenance firm who helps customers enter the world of unified communications through powerful partnerships with brands like AVST, Microsoft, ShoreTel and a host of cloud-based solution providers. To promote their reseller status for these powerful brands, we created—and are creating—branded product sheets which can be downloaded from the emailers sent out. And yes, in the process, we contributed the new tagline" Less talk. More communication.

A custom designed, perfectly branded, email regiment should be a key component to any marketing plan. It seamlessly integrates into social media and delivers great bang for the buck. The email is the outreach and the message then pushes out and ricochets to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and beyond. Now, you're on a roll.

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