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Alert Five launches new site

I've been waiting awhile to use that headline, and now that Jeremy Holleb and his new venture Alert Five Productions has a site, we're expecting his business will really take off. I've been waiting to use that line also. Really though, I'm excited for Alert Five. They have a new company, their new brand, a new site. All designed by Design Design. The sky is not just the limit, it's just a beginning. Hopefully, a few of my clients will take advantage of Alert Five's special introductory rates and book them. Many clients want to add video to their websites, but don't know what video to add that isn't a boring interview. Well, this is a great option. The drones can fly inside buildings to capture manufacturing plants, large shipping facilities, fulfillment warehouses, high-rise exteriors. And at rates much less than helicopters and airplanes. Contact Design Design or Alert Five for more information. But right now, just visit the new site.

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