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Legally speaking, it's a newly designed brand and website.

Image and trust are everything to your brand being effective if you are a legal, medical, or financial area of business. It's vital for all companies, but especially businesses and firms entrusted with matters of life, death, money and the law. So, it was important that when Klein, Dub, and Holleb became Klein, Dub, Holleb and Jacobs, they had a website which stood the test of scrutiny and cross-examination.

Design Design developed their new logo (we blogged about that a few weeks ago) and then applied that new brand appearance throughout their communications materials, including their new site. Of note, would be the personal bios, where we shot all new headshots and updated their personal information. KPH+J specialized in labor law, hence, their URL, I've known one of the partners for over 30 years, so I can vouch for them. Combine that referral with the trust exuded by the aura of the new site, and you know you would be in good legal counsel if they were representing your interests.

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