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Serving up a delicious new website for Rosemont's exclusive caterer.

About 10 years ago, we designed a number of sites for the Village of Rosemont, and over time, they were all re-designed except one: Rosemont Catering. I literally begged them to let us re-do their site since it was horribly out of date, not mobile friendly and, well—ugly. We got the go-ahead and approved budget in January 2018 from their parent company, Aramark. It didn't take long, and we shot new original food photos, so when were even close to wrapping up the site, even with some content being added and refined, we launched it. I tell all my clients as soon as the new site is better than the old site, make it live. We can adjust it later. Here it is, the newly re-designed look and content of the exclusive caterer to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center and Rosemont Theatre.

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