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New Tulane "Them" Website to Raise Funds, Sell Arrangements, and Spread the A Cappello Lo

When my son, Cole, asked for some help in creating a new website for the a cappella group he was president of, of course I wanted to help. They had been invited to a prestigious concert in New York with a catch. They needed to raise about $8,000 for the trip. The thinking was a website that they could use to raise awareness of their music, as well as raise some funds for the trip, would be useful.

I, basically, designed the look and the navigation, plugging in some video modules here and there and turned over the content responsibility to the group. It's still a work-in-progress (I'm headed into the site in a few minutes to add a Upcoming Events Calendar), it has officially been announced on their Facebook Page, so I guess that makes it official.

Check out the site and the group:

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