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Tulane Alumni group creates Tower & Crescent to help networking and fundraising efforts.

Sometimes college alumni groups can take on a aged persona. You know, graduates who look back at their college careers as a thing of the past, reminiscing and going back for an occasional homecoming. So Tulane recent grads took a position if they created a brand that reflected a more youthful, energetic approach, alumni would adopt a greater degree of participation—more fun, more support, more interaction, increased networking and greater fundraising success.

The marketing director of the alumni group turned out to be a family member of the president of a highly touted Chicago design firm, Design Design Communications. Yes, that senior undergrad business major in the Freeman School of Business, working on a marketing minor, is none other than my son, Cole Hamilton.

So, we took on the project and developed the final logo which immediately found its way onto embroidered shirts for the group's first event.

It will be nice to look back and see a small legacy left behind after Cole graduates this Spring.

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