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Diversified Graphic Machinery sees success at Print13 in Chicago.

Diversified Graphic Machinery manufactures and sells equipment to the Graphics Arts Industry. They handle their own equipment, Folidex®, as well as equipment that does pre-press, die-cutting, and hot stamping.

The goal of PRINT 13 was to present the full line of their products. In the past, they somewhat focused on Foildex®, which is a foil application process, called cold foil. Working with Zar Marketing, Design Design created a theme, “Print Enhancement Technologies” which was presented in ads, press releases, booth hand-outs; collateral; custom show badges and booth graphics. This strategy was used im combination with creative we designed earlier “Cold Foil: Hard Facts" to talk specifically to the advantages of Foildex® and cold foil.

We also designed a booth handout which explained to people how to speak “Chicago-eaze” in honor of the Print 13 host city.

The show was highly successful, and set the tone for marketing initiatives in upcoming months.

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