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The Graphic Collective is collecting businesses.

A few months ago, we started this idea that a group of products and services could benefit from a close association and shared interests. So, Design Design and others formed The Graphic Collective.

The Graphic Collective is a group of business entities all rooted in the principal that customized personal and business graphic-related products and services are in greater demand due to increased digital opportunities. This allows for increased marketability of a growing number of these web-based services and products.

Sounds deeper than maybe it is. But after forming the group, engineering a website and a writing an initial business plan, we've progressed to a point where many of the businesses have offices or shared space in a creative environment at 410 N. Paulina St., Chicago. The cornerstone companies include Dr. Graphx, Design Design Communications, and Zack Burris. Additionally, new ancillary businesses such as Envirographx have joined in, and products such as Acrylx Fusion, Vangoz, and Lionfish Silk are building towards launch.

Our plan is simple. We leverage our "collective" years of experience running successful business with new ideas, products and services, and fold them all into the social media marketing stream and see what happens. One thing is certain. We will develop additional partners and relationships, and will have a bounty of exciting visual products—design, photography, fine art, and environmental graphics to share with everyone in the coming months.

If you are, or you know someone interested in "joining" our group, let us know.

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