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Goodbye old site.

"Goodbye Bedford Falls". It served us well for almost 9 years. I recall the importance of keeping the content "above the fold" and making sure it viewed well in the new iPad that the entire world was buying. Also, the side entertainment being compelling, the functionality being relevant, the "side nav" a standard component. The more pages the better for SEO. We had links and nav selections all over this thing. The Client Lounge was another fun page to visit, with lots of client resources few people used. The homepage featured a Rock n' Rollfolio" video that featured a 2000s band soundtrack to 50 quick images. It was all great until there was whisperings behind our back. It was old. Built in Frames. Not responsive or mobile-friendly. So, boom goes hammer, and the site is gone, gone, gone. Will old websites become collectible? I'm hanging onto the files just in case.

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