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Do you like sushi?

We love sushi.

Isn't it great when a passion for something becomes a part of your job? The Hamilton family enoyed sushi from Nobori Sushi just about every friday night for the past 8 years since its opening. So, of course, when the owner asked us to help him with his website, we were excited.

Since Design Design lives in a corporate world (at least we did but that may be changing a bit), a restaurant website was not in our portfolio. It is now.

What was the most fun in building the site? The photo session. We shot still images and video. The dramatic, colorful look of the sushi was really a visual amalgamation of colors and textures, especially with some of the macro shots and staging, but it was what happened when the photo shoot was over that made it all worthwhile. We ate the props.

The website was also a sucess, launching just a couple of days ago. We added his menus, an online ordering system that accepts credit cards for both carry out and delivery, an online order notification system that posts the incoming orders to his iPad, and a sent text message to the owner if an order isn't replied to within 5 minutes. We also made it mobile-friendly while improving his SEO.

Contact Design Design when you're ready for a fresh new site. Strategy, creative, content, photography, video and all the techy IT set-up and hosting. We'll be web friends for life.

Your website is like sushi. It just needs the perfect amount of wasabi to kick it up.

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