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European blacksmiths. Really? Meet Black Rose for You Furniture Gallery.

Not your corporate client. Vlado Nahalka is a steel man in Chicago, having run his own successful company for many years. That's still what he does most days. He builds bridges, fire escapes, balconies, piers. He welds, rivets, hammers, and bends heavy steel.

But, he came from Europe with more that industrial strength. He came with a background of blacksmithing and the knowledge of the art that hand forged steel can create. So, he opened a furniture and home furnishings retail store in River North, Chicago, showcasing and selling his creations from Eastern Europe. The designs are created by his lead designer, Erica, who spends time in Chicago as well as her native Slovakia, designing and managing production.

Design Design was introduced to this entrepreneurial steel man in April 2017. The first project was developing his brand. That was then applied to his website. We then photographed and added his new product line to the site, naming the furniture, and setting up a "soon to be launched" ecommerce shop. The next few months saw Black Rose exhibit in NY at ICFF and Chicago at NeoCon, where he introduced a new line of designs, Industrial Bridge, and a new glass panel design and building material, Crackled Glass.

Check out their new website and the unique line of furniture. No two pieces are alike. And, no two clients are alike. Blacksmiths from Europe. Why not?

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